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Always Expect the Unexpected

A new acute hospital that opened three weeks earlier never imagined a 50 foot high wave coming off the intercoastal waterway would hit their facility cresting its roof on a two story structure-but it did. Our team walked and swam through flood waters 9+ feet deep to reach three involved facilities.

We restored power to the largest facility within hours of reaching them and started evacuation. Our facilities had the first lights on anywhere in New Orleans area, and air conditioning within a week. Once adjusters reached us via helicopter that we provided, his comments were ...whatever this cost, we will gladly pay and thank your team....

Could someone else have responded like we did? Maybe....all we know, we were the first in weeks ahead of anyone else and some 2500+ patients and staff appreciated getting out in days via helicopter versus walking and swimming through flood waters. And yes, we were there to decommission the newest facility and leveling it, protecting another one that will soon open as a city facility, and the third will be torn down for a Super Walmart. Everything the healthcare industry changed when New Orleans flooded, and most of what we did, became part of those changes. When your facility is hit by some unexpected event, you don't need on the job learning people-you need CONSTRUCTION COMMMON SENSE, INC and our associates.

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