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Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC)

The IICRC continues to certify the staff of Construction CSI for its training and continuing education training in the field of cleaning and restoring buildings and building components.

Annually, Construction CSI staff work to maintain this elite status to insure our customers have the latest technology and knowledge needed should any upset condition present itself to customers.

You do not need a building problem to become a disaster and upset your building operations' states James Flex. We often see how emergency contractors installing equipment affects the operations of a company that are simply not needed. Why would anyone want to expose their business to this often not needed step in the process? James goes on to explain how careful attention to details and good common sense can reduce the size and extent of damages thus reducing costs and business interruption. We see a business paying up to $10 a square foot to dry out and entire building the owner cannot occupy when all was needed was $3 a square foot drywall demo and paint. James goes on to explain after the others dry out a building, they still are faced with removing the drywall and paint.

If you have a fire, flood, or water damage, contact Construction CSI at 888 534 3539 for a free evaluation and consultation and if needed, an inspection by a team who respects you and your business and wants you to stay in business with minimum interruption.

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