Most contractors budget 5% on healthcare remodeling projects for infection control and spend less than 1% with no continuity on how they address key indoor air issues. We provide a level of containment and infection control that exceeds most others for less and do much more for your facility. Our national rate sheet is usually 25% LOWER than other leading emergency contractors, and our bids are usually LOWER than most in the industry. Why? Because we sub out specialty work regionally throughout the United States with firms that believe in what we believe in - QUALITY does not have to cost more!

We often work with your local or existing contractors and subcontractors, avoiding costly learning curves and gaining immediate in site to old and new problems in your building. We use the appropriate subcontractor needed for the job, just like doctors specializing in different areas of the body or different medical issues. One subcontractor may not be the best solution to a complex problem, and with many years of experience in the industry, we know the good, the bad, and the worse of the lot.

We are certified in indoor air quality, water restoration, and cleaning of your building and project management of when others are working in your facility. If we need another expert in any area, we know who to call and when to call them. Avoid costly downtime, and slow starts on your project with our trained staff in all areas of the general contracting and emergency mitigation industry.

General contractors love us, too! We help them in areas in which they are not trained or certified, and we limit our involvement to the issues at hand. Even the insurance industry appreciates our work, although they would never admit it! A great job does not have to cost a great deal of money; insurance carriers understand that more than anyone.

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